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The Technical Symposia will feature 859 peer-reviewed papers on current research and development organized into the following 12 Symposia consisting of 144 oral and interactive sessions.

AHSN: Ad Hoc and Sensor Networking Symposium
CogRN: Cognitive Radio and Networks Symposium
CISS: Communications and Information Systems Security Symposium
CQRM: Communications QoS, Reliability and Modeling Symposium
CSSM: Communication Software, Services and Multimedia Applications Symposium
CT: Communication Theory Symposium
NGN: Next-Generation Networking Symposium
ONS: Optical Networks and Systems Symposium
SAC-ANS: Selected Area – Access Networks and Systems
SAC-CC: Selected Area – Cloud Computing
SA-DS: Selected Area – Data Storage
SAC-EH: Selected Area – e-Health
SAC-GCSN: Selected Area - Green Communications Systems and Networks
SAC-HCC: Selected Area – Human Centric Communications
SAC-loT: Selected Area - Internet of Things
SAC-NT: Selected Area – Nanotechnology
SAC-PLC: Selected Area - Powerline Communications
SAC-SSC: Selected Area - Satellite and Space Communications
SAC-SN: Social Networks
SPC: Signal Processing for Communications Symposium
WCS: Wireless Communications Symposium
WN: Wireless Networking Symposium

Tuesday, 9 December 2014 
10:30 – 12:15

AHSN-1: Wireless Sensor Networks I
AHSN-2: Vehicular Networks I
CogRN-1: Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Networks I
CT-1: Communications with Energy Harvesting
CogRN-1: Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Networks I
NGN-1: Next Generation Wireless Network Design
ONS-1: Switching and Routing in Optical Networks
SAC-1-SN: Community Enabled Networking
SAC-2-GCSN: Green Cellular Networks
SPC-1: Signal Processing for Channel Estimation
WCS-1: Channel Coding and ARQ
WCS-2: Heterogeneous Networks
WCS-3: Cognitive Networks
WN-1: Architectural Design and Operation Models
WN-2: Self-Organizing Networks

Interactive Sessions
CT-I-1: Selected Topics in Communication Theory
WCS-I-1: Channel Measurement and Modeling

Tuesday, 9 December 2014 
14:00 – 15:45

AHSN-3: Routing I
AHSN-4: Wireless Sensor Networks II
CogRN-2: Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Networks II
CT-2: Coding Theory
CogRN-2: Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Networks II
SPC-2: Signal Processing for Cognitive Radio I
NGN-2: Virtual Network Design
ONS-2: Multiplexing, Modulation and Channel Capacity
SAC-3-EH: Body Area Networks, 2:00 PM-3:45 PM
SAC-4-IoT: Managing and Building New Internet of Things Applications
WCS-4: Cooperative Communications
WCS-5: Channel Estimation/Prediction
WCS-6: Heterogeneous Networks II
WN-3: Power Management and Energy Conservation Techniques
WN-4: Cross-Layer Design and Optimization

Interactive Sessions
WCS-I-2: Massive MIMO II
WN-I-1: WiMAX, LTE, WMAN and Other Emerging Broadband Wireless Networks

Tuesday, 9 December 2014 
16:15 – 18:00

AHSN-5: Vehicular Networks II
AHSN-6: Wireless Sensor Networks III
CogRN-3: Spectrum Allocation and Resource Management in Cognitive Radio Networks I
CT-3: Heterogeneous Networks
NGN-3: Content Centric Network Design
ONS-3: Wireless-Optical Communications
SAC-5-CC: Evaluation of Data Center Network Topologies and Multipath Protocols
SAC-6-GCSN: Green Clouds and Data Centers
SPC-3: Signal Processing for Cognitive Radio II
WCS-7: Interference Coordination
WCS-8: Massive MIMO I
WCS-9: Millimeter Wave and Tera Hertz Communication
WN-5: Femtocell Networks
WN-6: Vehicular Networks

Interactive Sessions
SAC-I-1: eHealth & Nanotechnology
SAC-I-2: Green Communication Systems and Networks

Wednesday, 10 December 2014
10:30 – 12:15  

AHSN-7: Wireless Sensor Networks IV
CogRN-4: Spectrum Allocation and Resource Management in Cognitive Radio Networks II
CQRM-1: Cloud Computing and Networking
CSSM-1: Video Coding and Communications
CT-4: Network Coding
NGN-4: Software Defined Network Design
SAC-7-SN: Privacy, Security and Networking
SAC-8-GCSN: Green Optical Networking
SPC-4: Signal Processing for Compressive Sensing & Sparse Signals
WCS-11: Modulation and Transmission Processing
WCS-12: Performance Analysis and Design Tradeoffs I
WN-7: Routing
WN-8: Performance Analysis and Optimization
Interactive Sessions
SPC-I-1: Signal Processing for Designs under Power & Cost Constraints
CogRN-I-1: Emerging Topics in Cognitive Radio Networks

Wednesday, 10 December 2014 
14:00 – 15:45

AHSN-8: Delay Tolerant Networks and Crowdsensing
CQRM-2: Video Streaming
CSSM-2: Communication Services
NGN-5: Next Generation Network Design I
SAC-9-CC: Mobile Cloud Networking
SAC-10-IoT: Extending the Internet of Things through Mobile Wireless Networks, RFID and Cloud Computing
SPC-5: Signal Processing for Distributed, Cooperative & Relayed Communications
WCS-13: OFDM/Multi-Carrier/Multiple Access
WCS-14: Multiuser MIMO
WCS-15: Performance Analysis and Design Tradeoff II
WN-9: Resource Allocation
WN-10: Heterogeneous Networks

Interactive Sessions
CISS-I-1: Attacks, Anomalies and Traffic Analysis

Wednesday, 10 December 2014 
16:15 – 18:00

AHSN-9: Wireless Sensor Networks V
CogRN-6: Performance Issues in Cognitive Radio Networks
CSSM-3: Wireless Video
CT-6: MIMO Systems
NGN-6: Next Generation Network Design II
ONS-4: Optical Access Network, Metro Area Network and Elastic Optical Network
SAC-11-PLC: Power Line Communications
SAC-12-GCSN: Green Wireless Networks I
SPC-6: Signal Processing for Estimation & Detection
WCS-16: Detection and Estimation
WCS-17: Physical Layer Security
WCS-18: Relaying I
WN-11: WLAN, WPAN, and Other Home/Personal Networking Technologies I
WN-12: Cellular Networks I

Interactive Sessions
AHSN-I-1: Security and QoS, 4:15 PM-6:00 PM
AHSN-I-2: Scheduling and Coding, 4:15 PM-6:00 PM

Thursday, 11 December 2014
10:30 – 12:15

AHSN-10: Wireless Sensor Networks VI
AHSN-11: Localization and Tracking I
CISS-1: Privacy-Preserving Technologies
CISS-2: Wireless Network Security
CogRN-7: Security Issues in Cognitive Radio Networks
CQRM-3: Traffic Control and Network Virtualization
CT-7: Interference Management
SAC-13-DS: Data Storage
SAC-14-GCSN: Green Wireless Networks II
SPC-7: Signal Processing for OFDM, OFDMA & Multi-Carrier Communications
SPC-8: Signal Processing for Massive MIMO
WCS-19: Relaying III
WN-13:  WLAN, WPAN, and Other Home/Personal Networking Technologies II
WN-14: Cellular Networks II
Interactive Sessions
SACI-3-PLC: Power Line Communication
CQRM I-1: Network Coding

Thursday, 11 December 2014
14:00 – 15:45

AHSN-12: Wireless Communications
CogRN-8: Game Theory in Cognitive Radio Networks
CISS-3: Smart Grid Security
CISS-4: Security and Privacy for P2P and OSN
CQRM-4: Resource Allocation in Wireless Networks
CT-8: Relay Channels
SAC-15-SSC: Satellite Networking
SAC-16-EH: eHealth Communications
SAC-17-GCSN: Smart Grid Communications
SPC-9: Signal Processing for Multi-Antenna Systems I
SPC-10: Signal Processing for Multi-Antenna Systems 2
WCS-20: Resource Allocation
WN-15: Emerging Wireless Technologies
WN-16: Resource Management and Admission Control I
Interactive Sessions
NGN-I-1: Forwarding Design and Next Generation Network Management
ONS-I-1: SDN, Datacenter and Cloud
Thursday, 11 December 2014
16:15 – 18:00

AHSN-13: Location and Tracking II
CISS-5: Physical and Lower Layer Security
CISS-6: Theoretical Studies for Security and Privacy
CQRM 5: Routing and Reliability
CT-9: Communication System Performance
SAC-18-SSC: Satellite Communications
SAC-19-CC: Virtual Machine Migration and Allocation
SAC-20-ANS:  Access Networks and Systems
SPC-11: Signal Processing for Sensor Networks
SPC-12: Signal Processing for Synchronization
WCS-21: Small Cells
WCS-22: Wireless Energy Transfer/Energy Harvesting
WN-17: Resource Management and Admission Control II
WN-18: Wireless Computing and Scheduling
Interactive Sessions
WCS-I-4: Relaying II
WN-I-2: User Cooperation and Incentive Schemes

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